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Body Cameras reduce verbal abuse by a massive 60%

body and headcamA dramatic reduction of 60% in the level of verbal abuse was achieved by the SIA Approved Contractor, ISS Mediclean, at the Chelsea & Westminster hospital during an 8 week trial using body worn video equipment to record incidents. The Robocam mobile CCTV units, supplied by Interconnective Limited, are being used extensively by UK Police forces and also being introduced into the private security sector.

The trial has demonstrated the equipment to be effective when dealing with acts of violence, aggression and anti social behaviour. ISS Mediclean is currently finalising deployment of the Robocam body cameras throughout its business with the first two sites being the Chelsea & Westminster and Worcester Hospitals.

Physical Intervention Training

physical interventionPhysical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. Depending on the risks faced in the job this can involve anything from avoidance and disengagement skills through to rescue, escorting and holding skills.

Maybo has a unique physical skills programme that is simple and effective yet lower in risk for the staff using them and the individuals to whom they are applied. The non-aggressive skills help to calm a situation, as they do not use pain to seek compliance. They are taught in a way that enables staff to identify the least aversive options to achieve the objective. Based on simple yet powerful principles men and women confidently apply these skills in a range of environments to protect themselves, their colleagues and service users/customers.

SIA Launches Consultation on Licensing Framework

The Security Industry Authority is calling for views on whether a generic SIA licence should be introduced. At present, SIA licence cards are specific to each sector. Operatives working in more than one sector may need to be issued with multiple licences.

 The two options set out in the consultation are to introduce a single generic licence card covering all of the licensable activities that the holder is qualified to undertake; or to continue to issue sector-specific and multiple licences.

If option one were introduced, all licence cards would look the same. Information on the licensable activities the holder is legally able to undertake would be accessed through the publicly available online register.


Renewing your SIA Licence

sia badgeIf you currently hold a door supervisors licence you will need to apply for a new one before the old one expires. The SIA will accept renewals up to four months in advance of the expiry date. Do not wait until your licence expires to apply for renewal as you will not be able to work as a door supervisor.

There is no grace period between licence's, so make sure you renew your licence from any of the following listed below:-

  • Call the SIA: 08702 430 100
  • Call the Active Security Solutions Ltd office: 01902 429005
  • Visit the SIA website:

Existing staff can contact the office for assistance

Did You Know?

The Security Industry Authority is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry. They are an independent body reporting to the Home Secretary, under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. 

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